Ethereum Stumbles: Is There Still Fuel Left for Bulls?

*Apologies for the lack of articles these days. Have been pretty busy lately, and the stock markets are a moving rollercoaster ride, hence that took up a huge percentage of my time*


To short Ethereum (ETH) or be bullish through the long haul… that is the question for investors. Present-day, ETH isn’t breaking $300. Looking at a year-over-year basis, it might as well be square one for Ethereum. A year of crypto surges- and steep crashes. In fact, as of the time of writing, Ripple (XRP) has usurped ETH’s spot on the leaderboard once again.  Yet, consider that through it all, Ethereum still leads as third biggest coin in the crypto universe…


FULL Article:


P.S seems like the bullish stock markets coming to a halt. Indexes such as NASDAQ and S&P500 have been recording losses. Tech firms SNAP and FB have all recorded new lows. Time to short perhaps?

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