5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Still In a Bull Market

Long-time bitcoin bull Thomas Lee has found a unique way to make his case in favor of the cryptocurrency even as wild price swings have investors on edge. He believes that despite the 70% selloff in the cryptocurrency since its 2017 highs, it is still in a bull market, and should reach $25,000 per bitcoin by the end of the year…

  1. Digital Economy Boom – We are living in an increasingly digital world, where technology is responsible for the lion’s share of economic growth over the past two decades. (dot com burst). That will only increase going forward.
  2. Trust is declining – The digital boom has brought along security problems – those that block chains can readily solve.
  3. The Millennial Market – Its not about just following the trend but there’s a wide range of factors that show that millennials as a demographic are primed for investing in cryptocurrencies.
  4. Old is Gold but New is Crypto
  5. Geographic Diversity
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P.S. strongly believe the bull market is incoming, even if price of btc just went up to $8000 again.

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